Managing your IT equipment
has never been easier

"The queue at the IT kiosk is always full", "Managing the company's IT equipment is tedious",

"Desktop recovery slows down the employee onboarding process".

A bad IT asset management wastes the time of both support and users, and leads to dissatisfaction.

Automate your IT asset management with our connected locker solution!

Connected to your ITSM, our lockers allow your users to easily deposit, borrow or exchange their equipment. On the IT side, you have complete visibility on your IT assets and you increase the security level of all your devices and accessories.

Download the Connected lockers product sheet and simplify the management of your IT equipment now!

Everience in a few figure...

+200 clients

90,7% satisfaction rate

97% renewal


Everience is an IT company that accelerates the performance of companies by facilitating digital uses. A subsidiary of a French company specialized in user support, Everience is present on an international scale to meet the challenges of both large global groups and local organizations.

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